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Our team has over 30 years of combined automotive financing experience. We have the best rates available for good credit scores and competitive, fair and transparent programs for people with less than perfect credit.

We highly recommend the Pre Approval process. if you are concerned about your credit. We offer in person no-obligation credit score consultations. Find out how your current credit affects your borrowing ability and how our programs help to build or rebuild credit scores.

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Car Financing in the Minnedosa Area for Anyone

Having poor credit can be tough. You often get rejected for credit cards and promotional financing purchases, and obtaining a mortgage can be next to impossible. It used to be that bad credit car loans were equally difficult to come by, but thankfully those days are long gone. In fact, at Sisson Auto Finance and Sales we focus specifically on people just like you who are struggling to improve their credit.

That is why if you are shopping for a new car, but you are worried that you won't get approved with your credit score as low as it is, you should direct your attention to a dealership like us who are experienced in helping people who are in your situation. Obtaining bad credit car loans at a reputable dealership that specializes in this kind of financing does not have to mean you are automatically going to have to settle for a terrible interest rate, either.

O.A.C from 0% - 29.9% some down payment may be required | Approval based on income and ability to pay

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