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Neepawa auto finance

Neepawa Auto Finance

Our team has over 30 years of combined automotive financing experience. We have the best rates available for good credit scores and competitive, fair and transparent programs for people with less than perfect credit.

We highly recommend the Pre Approval process. if you are concerned about your credit. We offer in person no-obligation credit score consultations. Find out how your current credit affects your borrowing ability and how our programs help to build or rebuild credit scores.

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Budgeting for Your Next Car

Buying a car is one of the most significant purchases a person makes in his or her lifetime. If you are financing the purchase over a period of time, it is even more important that you learn about auto loans in the Neepawa area and which kind of loan will work best for your budget and situation.

The first thing you will have to determine is your monthly payment. How much can you afford to spend? If you are unsure, you should write down a rough budget and analyze it. Include all of the basics, including mortgage or rent, utilities, food, credit cards, and any other recurring monthly payments you have. Once you get a better idea of how much is left over each month, then you can use an online calculator to determine how much of a payment you can afford. Don't forget about car-related expenses, like gas, maintenance, and insurance.

O.A.C from 0% - 29.9% some down payment may be required | Approval based on income and ability to pay

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