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Winnipeg auto finance

Winnipeg Auto Finance

Our team has over 30 years of combined automotive financing experience. We have the best rates available for good credit scores and competitive, fair and transparent programs for people with less than perfect credit.

We highly recommend the Pre Approval process. if you are concerned about your credit. We offer in person no-obligation credit score consultations. Find out how your current credit affects

your borrowing ability and how our programs help to build or rebuild credit scores.

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When it comes time to purchase a car, truck or SUV there are some tips and tricks that may make the process easier and more streamlined for you. First, you should to check your credit score to see how the finance company or lender is going to view your creditworthiness. This is an important factor in determining whether you will be approved for a vehicle loan in the Vernon area, and if you are, what interest rate you will receive.

Even a modest change in interest rate can be significant over the term of the loan, so it is vital that you boost your credit score as high as you can before applying for car loans. Once approved, it is up to you to keep your account in good standing. It's important to stay on top of monthly payments for any car loans, as failure to pay on time could result in late fees or negative reporting to the credit bureaus.

O.A.C from 0% - 29.9% some down payment may be required | Approval based on income and ability to pay

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